I first listened to that song  five, six or even more years ago. It was love at first sight. I remember that i  sent it to all my friends and put it on Facebook. Then, i forgot about it … until about a month ago. But i couldn’t remember neither the group not the title of the song. I searched and kept searching  until now! I present to you… KWOON!

Kwoon is a post rock band with seven members from France. This song is taken from their debut album “Tales and Dreams” (2006)





Stereo Nova

“Stereo Nova was an Electronica / Trip Hop / Ambient band from Athens, Greece.Formed in the early 90s by Michael Delta & Konstantinos Bhta.They now both follow solo careers.
The Song is taken from the album “StereoNova” (1992).”

A great greek band!


I read that this artist is considered to be very promising as an actor in the theatre. I haven’ t watched him acting so i don’ t know if it is true or not.But as a musician has touched me deeply with this song. Enjoy !