I first listened to that song  five, six or even more years ago. It was love at first sight. I remember that i  sent it to all my friends and put it on Facebook. Then, i forgot about it … until about a month ago. But i couldn’t remember neither the group not the title of the song. I searched and kept searching  until now! I present to you… KWOON!

Kwoon is a post rock band with seven members from France. This song is taken from their debut album “Tales and Dreams” (2006)





Missing the sun…

It has been raining for three days now…

Today is Clean Monday in Greece, which means that we fly a kite and we eat anything but meat and dairy products. It’s the tradition.

Well, we are missing the sun and we are missing flying the kite!











Stereo Nova

“Stereo Nova was an Electronica / Trip Hop / Ambient band from Athens, Greece.Formed in the early 90s by Michael Delta & Konstantinos Bhta.They now both follow solo careers.
The Song is taken from the album “StereoNova” (1992).”

A great greek band!


I read that this artist is considered to be very promising as an actor in the theatre. I haven’ t watched him acting so i don’ t know if it is true or not.But as a musician has touched me deeply with this song. Enjoy !