A Collection of Short Stories is an album released in 1993 by Reload (AKA Global Communication). Reload were Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton. This album is an Ambient Techno experience that  someone should pay attention to.

Enjoy !





Aukai is the name of the new album by the actor and composer  Markus Sieber. “It’s a collection of ambient acoustic soundscapes that take the listener on an inward journey to a place of peaceful stillness and tranquil beauty.”

The album will be released in June.


Official website:


“Brian Trifon is the front man for Trifonic, a San Francisco based electronic act that seamlessly fuses experimental production wizardry with beautiful melodies and traditional song structures to craft music that is simultaneously unexpected and accessible.” (taken from their official website)

This track is from their last album “Ninth Wave” released in 2012.



This is a remix of the song by Hecq:

Official website:


At last…

We are on our Easter vacations. That means more free time to spend listening to music. These last few weeks i am obsessed with Soundcloud! It is such a endless source of new music samples!

Yesterday morning, while walking our dog out, i listened for the first time Ital Tek. He is a dubstep musician / producer from England. Probably i have heard his work in the past , but yesterday i listened tracks from his new album called Hollowed. I got obsessed. Dark atmospheric sounds, full  of bass! I really really enjoyed it!